August 2018 Previews Highlights

Here is a Sample of the exciting new items available for order in August. Items will ship in October and beyond. Halloween is going to be awesome!

DC Comics

Wonder Woman & Justice League Dark : The Witching Hour #1


(W) James TynionIV (A/CA) Jesus Merino

Just in time for Halloween, it’s “The Witching Hour,” a five-part weekly event that will rewrite the future of DC’s magical heroes! 
Hecate, the witch-goddess of magic, always knew a day would come when the monsters she stole her magic from would return. Now she must activate the Witchmarked, humans within whom she secreted vast stores of power. And the most powerful of the Witchmarked? Wonder Woman!

In Shops: Oct 03, 2018

SRP: $4.99

Cursed Comic Cavalcade #1

(W) James TynionIV, Becky Cloonan, Bryan Hill, Tim Seeley, Riley Rossmo, Gary Dauberman (A) Mark Buckingham, Becky Cloonan, Riley Rossmo, Ricardo Federici (CA) Doug Mahnke

Horror! Death! Uh…Face-punching! Witness ten all-new stories that promise to be the most terrifying, most shocking and most horrific comic that DC Comics has ever published! (Hyperbole much?) Batman, Wonder Woman, Guy Gardner, Swamp Thing, Zatanna and more of your favorite heroes face unspeakable horrors from the streets of Gotham City to the darkest sectors of the universe.

In Shops: Oct 10, 2018
SRP: $9.99

Books Of Magic #1

(W) Kat Howard (A) Tom Fowler (CA) Kai Carpenter

From the SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1, it’s the return of Neil Gaiman’s magical morality fable in an all-new series written by Kat Howard (Roses and Rot, An Unkindness of Magicians) and drawn by Tom Fowler (DOOM PATROL)!
Timothy Hunter may be destined to become the most powerful magician in the universe, but he’s still a London teenager, and having magical abilities complicates things more than it helps. It’s not like he can use magic to pass his exams, stop being bullied or convince his cute friend to date him. And while Tim’s trying to live his life, there are cultists who want to kill him, believing his power will eventually corrupt him into becoming a merciless mage. Oh, and those are the good guys. Luckily, his new substitute teacher is more than she appears, and may be able to help Tim discover the mystery behind the Books of Magic…

In Shops: Oct 24, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Speaking of the titles from the Sandman Universe – look for Lucifer #1 in October

Hannah Barbera and DC Comics Crossovers are Back!

Look for these titles in October
Deathstroke & Yogi Bear AUG180487
Green Lantern & Huckleberry Hound AUG180489
Nightwing & Migilla Gorilla AUG180491
Superman & Top Cat AUG180493

DC Trades

Vertigo: A Celebration of 25 years


One of the most influential imprints in comics history celebrates its 25th anniversary in this lavish collection of art and interviews, VERTIGO: A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS!
This deluxe hardcover revisits the history of the innovative imprint as told by the people who lived it. A luxurious hybrid of oral history and retrospective art book, VERTIGO: A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS features a comprehensive timeline of every Vertigo project ever released and insightful new interviews and behind-the-scenes intrigue with Vertigo writers, artists, editors, designers and publishers, while showcasing the magnificent Vertigo covers and interiors from some of comics’ greatest and most influential artists.
Vertigo has long been renowned for some of the best graphic story-telling of all time, as it’s been home to such groundbreaking series as THE SANDMAN, SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING, THE INVISIBLES, DOOM PATROL, Y: THE LAST MAN, PREACHER, FABLES, 100 BULLETS-and that’s just to start. With Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Brian K. Vaughan, Scott Snyder, Garth Ennis, Brian Azzarello, Frank Quitely, Matt Wagner, Jeff Lemire and countless others among its illustrious alumni, Vertigo has been the place where iconic talent and story meet. VERTIGO: A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS is a dynamic look back at some of the greatest comics in industry history.

In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $39.99

Justice League Vol 1 The Totality

(W) Scott Snyder, James TynionIV (A) Jorge Jimenez, Doug Mahnke, Others (A/CA) Jim Cheung

Spinning out of the cataclysmic events of Dark Nights: Metal and JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, the core members of the Justice League-Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and more-are reunited in all-new adventures! The League was forced to make an impossible decision…and now it’s time to face the consequences! The returning Martian Manhunter struggles to protect the team from an incoming threat that will shatter the world as they know it, while a familiar face strikes out on a dark path…This new title collects JUSTICE LEAGUE #1-7!

In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $17.99

DC Collectibles

DC Bombshells Big Barda Statue


designed by ANT LUCIA
sculpted by TIM MILLER
She may be over 250 years old, but that doesn’t mean Big Barda can’t enjoy the pleasure of roller skating, or more specifically, crushing your opponents in roller derby. 
As a member of the New Gods, she’s nigh invulnerable and has been trained as a supreme combatant in both sword fighting and brawling. Featuring her trademark colors and an updated helmet design, she’s ready to pummel her opponents on the track. 
•    Limited to 5,000 pieces
•    Figures measure 10″ tall
•    Allocations may occur 
•    Final products may differ from images shown

  • Approximately 6 units per carton
    • ON SALE MARCH 2019 
    In Shops: Mar 27, 2019
    SRP: $125.00

Marvel Comics

Avengers Halloween Special #1  *Featuring Marvel writing debut of Canadian Jeff Baruchel

(W) Gerry Duggan, More (A) Juanan Ramirez, More (CA) Geoff Shaw

PLUS! Spooky stories starring the X-Men & Doctor Doom!
Epic thrills and ghastly horror awaits in these all-new twisted tales! Spanning the breadth of the Marvel Universe, through the macabre lens of a murderer’s row of writers and artists assembled here, see your favorite heroes and villains as you’ve never seen them before!
Also including the Marvel Comics writing debut of Jay Baruchel (This is the End; Goon)!
Rated T

In Shops: Oct 31, 2018
SRP: $4.99

Shuri #1

(W) Nnedi Okorafor (A) Leonardo Romero (CA) Sam Spratt

The world fell in love with her in the movie. Now, the Black Panther’s techno-genius sister launches her own adventures – written by best-selling Afrofuturist author Nnedi Okorafor and drawn by Eisner-nominated artist Leonardo Romero! 
The Black Panther has disappeared, lost on a mission in space. And in his absence, everyone’s looking at the next in line for the throne. But Shuri is happiest in a lab, surrounded by gadgets of her own creation. She’d rather be testing gauntlets than throwing them. But a nation without a leader is a vulnerable one – and Shuri may have to choose between Wakanda’s welfare and her own.
Rated T

In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Venom Annual #1

(W) Donny Cates, More (A) Tigh Walker, More (CA) Paulo Siqueira

For the first time in Marvel history, the Wicked Webslinger called VENOM gets his very own Annual! This one features a few walks down memory lane from some of the best creators in comics today — and even a few surprise guests from Venom’s past! Serving as a great jumping on point for readers new and old, this is one issue of VENOM you can’t afford to miss!
Rated T

In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
SRP: $4.99

Also Look for:

Marvel What If…
Ghost Rider AUG180921 Nordic Black Metal Ghost Rider
Magik AUG180915 Magik runs away to escape her own powers
Punisher AUG180925 Peter Parker becomes The Punisher after Uncle Ben is murdered
Spiderman AUG180923 Flash Thompson as Spiderman
Thor AUG180919 Thor’s father has fallen and he is raised by the Frost Giants
X-Men AUG180917 Exe.Men in the digital universe

Marvel Trades

Antman & The Wasp Lost Found

(W) Mark Waid (A) Javi Garron (CA) David Nakayama

Nadia Pym (a.k.a. the Wasp) is just trying to help Scott Lang (A.K.A. Ant-Man) get home to see his daughter…but a little problem has gotten in the way. Very little. Subatomic, in fact – Scott Lang is lost in the space between molecules! Now Nadia is his only hope of rescue from a subatomic realm…if only he would listen long enough for her to save them! From master storyteller Mark Waid and Marvel Young Gun Javier Garrón comes a story of a big journey getting smaller all the time! Because every time Ant-Man and Wasp shrink, they enter a reality with new physics, new beings…and new danger! How tiny can they get before there’s no way back? It’s weird science, the Marvel way! Collecting ANT-MAN & THE WASP (2018) #1-5.
Rated T+

In Shops: Nov 07, 2018
SRP: $15.99

Image Comics

Exorsisters #1  **Gisele Legace illustrates this new title and she is from New Brunswick!

(W) Ian Boothby (A/CA) Gisele Lagace

Did you sign a deal with the Devil? Has your fiancé been dragged to Hell? Then Kate and Cate Harrow should be the first ones you call for timely soul retrieval at a reasonable rate! But why are these identical twins so different? Is there a darker secret? An all-new ongoing series by Eisner Award-winning writer IAN BOOTHBY (The Simpsons, MAD Magazine), with art by GISÈLE LAGACÉ (Ménage a 3, Archie).

In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Wytches Halloween Special

(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Jock


Serving as both a stand-alone story in the WYTCHES world and a prequel to the highly anticipated WYTCHES, VOL. 2, “BAD EGG” tells the story of Seb and Jackson-two innocent teenagers reared on opposite sides of the eternal struggle between good and evil. 

Sebastian’s mother is a member of “The Irons,” the most ruthless Wytch hunters in history, while Jackson’s family are “High Horn” Wytches. Can these two boys find friendship amidst this age-old blood feud, or are their fates already sealed? 

Collecting the entire IMAGE+ magazine run and, for the first time, the 13-page, pulse-pounding conclusion plus extra materials, WYTCHES: BAD EGG reunites the Eisner-award winning duo of SCOTT SNYDER and JOCK in a horror-filled romp just in time for Halloween!

In Shops: Oct 31, 2018
SRP: $7.99

IDW Publishing

Tales From Vader’s Castle

(W) Cavan Scott (A) Derek Charm, Chris Fenoglio (CA) Francesco Francavilla

Tales from Vader’s Castle puts a spooky spin on your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away…

This exciting weekly series explores the hidden corners of the Star Wars universe and features Rebels stars Hear, Kanan, and Chopper; Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku; Han Solo and Chewbacca; the Ewoks; and of course, Darth Vader -all under the shadow of Vader’s Castle!

Fans will be excited to discover these creepy stories by fan-favorite writer Cavan Scott with art by the greatest talent from across the galaxy, including Derek Charm, Kelley Jones, Chris Fenoglio, Corin Howell, Robert Hack, and Charles Paul Wilson III!

Covers by Eisner-winning artist Francesco Francavilla! Collect all five!
Featuring your favorite Star Wars characters in classic spooky stories!
Ask your retailer about the ultra-rare variant cover by Derek Charm!

In Shops: Oct 03, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Toys and Novelties

Cloud and Fenrir Play Arts


From Square Enix. Cloud and his beloved motorcycle Fenrir arrive as a set to Play Arts Kai from the world of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children! From Cloud’s melancholic facial expression to his hairstyle and the Cloudy Wolf ornament on his shoulder armor, the details on all of the accessories adorning his outfit are meticulously sculpted and painted for an unmatched level of quality. There are a total of seven swords included with the figure; a fully assembled version of the Fusion Sword, and its separated version in which there are six separate pieces. Each of the six swords can be sheathed in the holders on Cloud’s back. The collector can enjoy his in-movie poses from no matter what angle you look.

In Shops: Dec 26, 2018
SRP: $369.99

Nightmare on Elm St. Chef Freddy

From the cult classic Nightmare on Elm Street movies, this clothed action figure is based on Freddy’s memorable appearance as a chef in The Dream Child! Freddy stands 8″ tall and is fully articulated. He comes with a chef hat and a gruesome serving tray with removable lid. Blister packaging with resealable protective clamshell features custom artwork created by Nathan Thomas Milliner just for this release!
In Shops: Sep 26, 2018
SRP: $32.99
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