Are you celebrating Captain Picard Day?

Captain Picard Day is celebrated on June 16th because of its proximity to stardate 47457.1. Riker Day never took off it seems.




I am more a Star Wars fan than Star Trek, but I have always enjoyed Captain Picard and the actor, Patrick Stewart. I also prefer Deep Space Nine (Dax, anyone?) to The Next Generation. But that’s not what we’re talking about, is it?

I’m pretty sure Picard is the reason I was open to trying Earl Grey tea (though I prefer Cream of Earl Grey). One of my cousins is a big fan, so when I went to a con and found a bag that said “Earl Grey, Hot” I had to buy it for her. How could I not?

Earl Grey Hot

While I prefer DS9, I prefer Picard over Sisko. He is far more level headed- but maybe that’s the parent in Sisko? haha I also have a thing for accents, so Picard is an easy choice between the two. Picard is a badass- how many people come back from Borg assimilation? (7 of 9 doesn’t count).

There’s lots more to read about Picard. I found this from the Star Trek website. It’s pretty thorough. Makes me want to watch some TNG…

How are you celebrating? Some earl grey tea? French wine? Some TNG?




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