Advanced Copy Review : Oblivion Song by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo Di Felici

I had recommended this title in the January Previews Post on Kirkman’s name alone. I am a fan of The Walking Dead Comics, and I enjoy Robert Kirkman’s storytelling, so I wanted to give this a fair shot, so when an Advance Edition came with our comic order I thought I’d give it a read and share my early thoughts! 

First and foremost it was odd to open the pages to colour! While muted, the palette suited the genre. 

Oblivion Song is a story about fear of the unknown and the known. It’s about guilt and regret. It’s about reunions. Most importantly though it’s about Nathan, the main character’s search for his brother and the steps he will take to find him. 

Without spoilers of course, I quickly became engaged with Nathan and how the “event” happened 10 years ago that pulled half a city into Oblivion. Like other Kirkman narratives this focuses on the characters, their relationships and interactions far more than the global story and that’s okay. I wanted to get to know more about all the characters that were introduced and I felt that there should have been a bit more revealed about the pre-oblivion relationship between Nathan and his brother. However, by the end of the trade, I could see that perhaps that story will unfold in upcoming pages. 

There was a small twist at the end, which I felt I should have seen coming. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t! 

If you enjoy good character development, the struggle to survive and a good storytelling pace, I recommend you pick up Oblivion Song when it hits shelves in March! 

Jessica Duffield
Geek who loves all things Tolkien. Has a soft spot for the Emerald Archer and his merry band of misfits. Avid board game player, wifey to a Star Wars fanatic and pet to Harrycat.