Action Comics 1000 (and beyond, part 1)

Action Comics 1000 is coming in 10 weeks and celebrates Superman’s 80th birthday. This is undoubtedly the biggest milestone in comic book history.  From Action Comics #1 for 80 years forward, Superman has been a mainstay in popular culture. Comics, newspaper strips, radio, broadcast TV, big budget blockbusters and back to cable TV, Superman has been part of our lives as long as anyone can remember.

To commemorate this, DC Comics is publishing 10 covers, including one for each decade during which this has been published for this special 80 page issue. Heroes’ Beacon will be offering a special deal of 20% off (pay 80%) for anyone preordering all 10 covers. There will also be a special hard cover 80 years of Action Comics.

My personal celebration to this, I will be posting my picks for the top 10 Superman Villains and Superman’s top 10 friends. This week, I reveal my number 10 and will continue the countdown for 10 weeks.

To friend of Superman #10:

Bibbo Bibbowski.

Bibbo first appeared in 1987 after Superman’s continuity was reset post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. He runs a bar in the Suicide Slum neighbourhood of Metropolis. Bibbo is a major supporter of Superman through his bar and has many emotional scenes especially during the Death of Superman storyline including throwing himself into Doomsday’s path and attempting CPR on the Man of Steel and later helping families who suffered losses during the battle.


Top foe of Superman #10


While Bizzaro may be more famous than some others on my list, I am not typically a fan of his storylines. He makes the list due to his importance to the Superman mythos. Bizarro first appeared in 1958 at start of the silver age. He was very much fitting to the style of the era with light hearted and silly stories. The backwards talk that is used makes some stories difficult to read.

Next week, I will talk about my choices for #9.

Steve Henderson
Steve has been selling comics and games for over 20 years and is one of the owners of Heroes' Beacon.