This Week at Heroes’ Beacon (March 13-19)

Monday March 13
Modern Monday
Bring your modern decks and play a swiss tournament. Entry fees go towards prizes.




Tuesday March 14
X-Wing Miniatures Casual Game Night
Learning or an experienced player come out and play a round or two? New players welcome you don’t need to own the game to learn to play.







Wednesday March 15
D&D Encounters
D&D Encounters runs every Wednesday following the adventures outlined by Wizards of the Coast for organized play using the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons.
Join in the epic adventures with our growing group of heroes!






Magic: Commander
Bring your commander decks and join us for some Commander!






Thursday March 16
Between the Panels: Gotham Academy
Heroes’ Beacon is proud to present “Between the Panels” book club. The goal is to introduce more people to the graphic novel and to expand the horizons of people who currently read graphic novels.
Never read a graphic novel before? Don’t fret! There is never a bad time to start and this is your opportunity! Don’t know how to read a graphic novel? We got you covered! Drop in to the store and get your copy of “How to read a graphic novel” – no charge!
Already reading graphic novels? Come on out and join the discussion with other people and share your opinion!
Come into the store, pick up your copy of our next graphic novel (list below) with 10% off all bookclub titles, so that you can devour it and we can discuss it!






Star Wars Destiny
Come out and play Star Wars Destiny. The fast pace dice and card game from Fantasy Flight Games.
Challenge other players, hone your deck, make trades, or learn to play. This will be our first tournament with prize support!






Friday March 17
FNM: Standard
Officially sanctioned Friday Night Magic. Bring your deck and try your hand.
Entry fees go towards prize support in addition to the foil promo cards.






Saturday March 18
Star City Saturday
Bring your standard deck out for Star City Saturday’s! Prizes include Star City Games playmat and more!



Sunday March 19
League of Extraordinary Planeswalkers






For all of our events check our calendar!


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