What will Magic Look like at Heroes Beacon Moving Forward?

What will Magic Look like at Heroes Beacon Moving Forward?

by Brian Smart

 Over the last little while I have been hearing some different opinions on what the Magic landscape will look like in the wake of the latest Pro Tour and what the state of the game is here locally in Saint John.  This week we will talk about the state of standard, the introduction of Star City Saturdays and the game night benefits that await players in all of our formats, as well as the competitive magic events we have coming up at Heroes’ Beacon in March.

So Pro Tour Aether Revolt has come and gone and we seem to have a three deck meta-game in standard.  It appears that Green-Black, Mardu Vehicles, and Copy Cat Combo decks are at the top.  As was discussed in the last article Wizards has the option to ban cards again 5 weeks after the Pro-tour and that that is now only two weeks away, we will see in time if they choose to ban any additional cards. (I expect we will see something banned from the Copy Cat Combo deck). With that being said, both green black and copycat have multiple different builds and the game play has been fast and fairly fun offering lots of game play decisions. 

Standard is the feature format for Wizards and while rotation schedules have been modified twice recently and some players have been shying away from playing the format, now is the best time to invest into the format.  In September we will have the rotation of sets that are legal in standard and at that time we will lose the Battle for Zendikar and Innistrad Blocks.  That will leave the Kaladesh block we are currently in and the new Amonkhet block which launches with pre-releases  April 22nd.  So if you are looking to start getting into standard I suggest playing our Friday night drafts, start building your collection of Kaladesh and Aether Revolt cards and once Amonkhet is out get those cards too. This will put you well on your way to having all the cards you will need to be competitive and versatile in standard starting at rotation. 

To help all of our players keep up with Standard, Heroes’ Beacon has introduced their buy list, which can be found here.  Any member of the Heroes’ Beacon team can purchase cards from you and will do so at 60% of Star City Games in the form of store credit.  If you are looking to buy cards they will always be priced at the latest Star City Games listed price.

While we are talking about Star City Games we are pleased to announce that starting in March we will be running Star City Standard Saturdays.  This game play will take place each Saturday starting at 3:30pm.  Each week players can enter our SCG Saturday and play for SCG Foil Tokens and Pins with additional prizing based on standings. Entry Fee is $10 and all players will receive a prize.  At the end of each month we will award a Star City Games Creature Collection play mat to the player who has yet to win one that month. This play mat will go to the player who has the most participation points from our magic events that month.  Points will be awarded for participation as follows:

Star City Standard Saturdays = 5 Points

Friday Night Magic = 3 Points

Wednesday Night Commander = 2 points

Monday Night Modern/Frontier = 2 Points

GPT or PPTQ Participation = 5 points


We have two feature level competitive magic events this month at Heroes’ Beacon- the Grand Prix Trial for GP Montreal with a $10 entry fee on Saturday March 4th.  This will also be our first Star City Games Standard Saturday so if you participate you will also be eligible for the foil token and pins and a chance to win two byes at GP Montreal.  This event will be starting at 10AM.  As this is a competitive level event deck lists will be required.  This is also great practice for our upcoming Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) for Pro Tour Kyoto Japan on March 18th.   The PPTQ is $20 to enter and registration is at 11 with play starting at 12.


That’s it for this week, have fun gaming.



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